Seen it, liked it. Unlike most MCU movies, it’s not as “tied” to the rest of the Marvel universe. It’s very much a standalone story about the most advanced human civilization ever, hidden in one of the poorest areas of the world. It’s risky to criticize this movie when you’re a white guy, largely because any criticism can be brushed away with the counter-argument that “it’s just white privilege talking and feeling threatened,” but that’s never stopped me before—let the readers make up their own minds and hope they follow their reasons, not their emotions.

The movie, overall, is a good one, but it’s not the kind of greatness I’ve come to expect from the MCU. Not being a Black Panther fan, I can’t tell if there’s a lot of love for the original material, but to me, the premise behind Wakanda (and its “mountain” of Vibranium, and its totally secret existence) doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. But hey, it’s a superhero movie, let’s not look too deep into these things, right?

I did love the very strong female characters, and the over-arcing message about sharing technology and getting involved in saving the world—that all made sense. It’s an interesting topic for debate. The visual effects are great, the bad guys are pretty good (Andy Sirkis 4EVAH!), and the cinematography is excellent. The fight scenes aren’t boring and there are enough of them (and done at the right time) so that the movie’s pace doesn’t get too brainy.

A worthy offering, overall, but not Marvel’s greatest. But also a good intro to a little-known character, and it’s nice that black people get some love from Marvel.


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