I’m a professional video game developer. I’ve been in the business for about 20 years, starting as a Game Designer and eventually moving into production & management. I’ve worked at companies like Dream Pod 9 (before being in video games), then Vircom Interactive (working on a relatively obscure title called The 4th Coming), then Behavior (formerly A2M), Activision (Beenox), then BKOM, where I was a Senior Accounts Director.

In my spare time, I love to write, swim deep into pop culture (sci-fi, funky TV series and so forth), and meet new people (I’m told I’m a good Couchsurfing host).

Current Project

About My Reviews

You may notice in my blog that I have a fairly large amount of reviews. I’m a harsh critic. My ratings start at 5/10, then I add points (or half-points) for things that I liked about the movie, and subtract points (or half-points) for things that turned me off. This means an average movie really IS a 5/10. Anything above 6 is worth the price of admission. At 7/10, that’s a quality movie. Anything above 8 is must-see. 9 and above are movies you should own. (As for anything below 5/10, don’t bother; wait until it’s on TV and you’re drunk.)